Tuesday, 1 June 2010

The Last Day - Early Winter

And so the year in Craignish is done. I first began visiting the garden in late Autumn and here we are in early Winter the next year.

My visits here have most often been solitary, my walks around the garden accompanied by the song of a blackbird or the sound of a coal train in the distance.

I have delighted in the tiny daffodils and the roses and the hydrangeas. I have often stroked the clipped topiary as I wandered by or looked up and up into the branches of the dogwood.

Clematis and camellias have bloomed profusely for me, each in their appropriate season.

The trees have shaded me in summer and cast their intricate shadows before me in winter.

This wonderful garden.

This gift to me and all who have enjoyed it...

Thank you David and Peter ..


  1. I always come back to this same post to take a peek at that beautiful champagne glass. What a great shot. Its 100% autumn in NY now and I am having a hard time embracing it. Your shot helps.

    LOL, I have to tell you that my sister was visiting my blog recently (family rarely does but I had asked for some advice on pictures to use for an upcoming show). She sent me a pic of a beautiful pink flower and said, scratch the rest, use this, it is gorgeous. I was like "where did you find this, I don't remember it at all...??" (I do have bouts of senility) and she said "right on your blog!" Well she found it via the link I have to your pages. Well, it is a beautiful shot, but I can't use it in the show! but you do have another fan, her name is Claire. One day I am going to create a page just dedicated to beauty I have found in my travels on the web and if I do I am going to come ask for your permission to use the shots on this page. Just beautiful...

  2. Happy New Year a day late!
    With best wishes from your friend in Crab Meadow
    May 2011 be filled with love, happiness, health and wealth.
    Love Ginny